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Accounting and Bookkeeping

At MINTAX we take great pride in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly processing of your company's accounting data. We familiarize ourselves with the accounting practices common to your industry and acquire a general understanding of your company's business transactions and how they are recorded. We then compile the financial statements and give them a professional second look without applying audit or review procedures. This includes general ledger, journals, current and year to date activity. We also have the capabilities to prepare analysis schedules that will help you make decisions that will have a sound financial impact on your business.

In addition, we offer our clients a wide range of specialize accounting services, e.g., we review internal accounting and operational controls to determine their adequacy and effectiveness and recommend new controls where appropriate. If a system is not in place, we provide assistance in setting up a system of internal controls for your company, recognizing that in many situations there are limited resources available to implement any control system.