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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Mintax Accounting provides complete outsourced bookkeeping, financial information management solutions, taxation and support services specifically catered to professionals in the medical field.

We have experts with extensive knowledge in the medical field with respect to medical terminology and procedure to handle all your financial management needs including bookkeeping, financial analysis, financial statement for managerial review, budgetary analysis, tax return preparation, business consulting, management advisory, billing and a host of other services to ensure your practice runs smoothly.

Mintax is a premium provider of online Accounting services. We specialize in Bookkeeping, Taxation, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Payables Management etc.

With offices in Canada, USA and India/Pakistan, the company delivers reliable services to a host of medical professionals through its onsite and offshore model. Our commitment in helping Medical Health Professionals in managing their Financials irrespective of their size has resulted in long lasting client relationships and our client base has shown rapid growth.

The Mintax business approach employs a dual emphasis on "skill", denoting a technical and managerial competency, and "scale", which reflects the ability to create a high volume world class processing capability. We strive hard to provide sound business solutions, simplify processes, and ultimately deliver cost advantages and elimination of inefficiency in the medical workplace.

We provide meaningful financial information in a cost effective and timely manner to our clients and ensure that their business operation runs efficiently on a daily basis. From a low cost bookkeeper to a high-end financial expert, we have it all. The efficiency of putting a low cost bookkeeper to do the data entry and then the review and planning work by a financial expert with sufficient knowledge in medicine allows us to deliver quality management information at a lower cost.

Our Values:

·         Practical and Professional Outlook

·         Quality, Reliability and Integrity

·         Security of your records and your patients records

·         Partnership and Teamwork with customers

·         Excellent Services and Availability

·         Constant Innovation and Process Improvements

·         Dependability

·         Deep domain knowledge in diverse fields

·         Infrastructure and security

Infrastructure and security

We have state-of-the-art computing and communication technology. Our Internet and telecom technologies in the center provide the perfect platform for customer service and support on par with industry standards. We use some of the latest security technologies to ensure data integrity for our clients. 

Mintax follows a well defined multiple physical and software security system to ensure consistent quality results. Utilizing robust Web deployable software, Mintax provides powerful Workflow Management System (WMS) hosted on servers located in US. All the data loaded to the Workflow Management System resides on these servers and never leave US shore to comply with privacy regulations. Our team connects to these servers via secured VPN tunnel.

Network and Data Security

Mintax has invested in a state of the art infrastructure which features:

·         Firewalls and IDS monitored around the clock.

·         Antivirus installed on all desktops and servers.

·         Restricted access to Servers and shared areas on the servers to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed 
to access the relevant data.

·         Restricted Access to the internet.

·         Workstations with disabled Media such a floppy drives, USB drives, & printers.

Physical Security

·         Screening of visitors and employees by a security guard (including in night shift) during entry and exit for data storage media like floppies, cds, usb drives etc

·         No cameras, camera phones and digital recording media allowed in our premises

·         PCs used by processors have disabled floppy/USB and CD ROM drives

·         PCs used in accounting and financial analysis work are denied email and web access

·         No client data resides in PCs used for internet access.

Data Security

·         Master data is housed in our dedicated USA server

·         North American servers are protected using Symantec Antivirus and firewall

·         Access to the server is through 128 bit SSL encryption which ensures transmission security

·         Comprehensive security audits are performed on a regular basis

·         All data is backed up on a regular basis in our back-up server (IBM)

Employee Security

Mintax follows a stringent HR policy which features:


·         Non-disclosure Agreements during time of employment

·         Reference checks at the time of recruitment, from past employers

·         Educational qualifications verified directly with educational institutions and a criminal background check from local police stations.


Mintax follows an ongoing evaluation and regular Annual Audit Program, as a part of ISO process wherein the following are evaluated:

·         Policies and processes both for ISO and the organization as a whole

·         Local security

·         Network security

·         Vulnerability assessment

·         Confidentiality and privacy

Confidentiality and privacy

We at Mintax are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Customers can specify their preferred method of contact with us and we will not disclose their identity without their expressed or written consent.

Mintax reduces costs and enables you to focus on the health and well being of you and your patients. Whether you are a doctor, optician, dentist or surgeon, Mintax can provide you with the tools you need to better manage your business and personal financial data, records and information storage needs.

Mintax provides individualized services customized to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our products are geared towards all professionals in the medical field in North America. Mintax's services allow companies to reduce bookkeeping and financial operating cost but still improve administrative and reporting capabilities.



Why Outsource?

With our 24/7 Bookkeeper starting as low as $100 per month for paperless overnight sign-up, you owe it to yourself and your business to learn how we can help you: 

·         Focus more on your core practice

·         Save money by saving on administrative overheads

·         Access your documents 24/7

·         Trust on the professionals

·         Paperless office technology with the Internet 

Personal Advantages


As Professional Accountants in the medical field, we understand the hard work and dedication you put in to ensuring your patients stay healthy. We are also aware of the stress and headaches that come with respect to billing, bookkeeping and patient management. By reducing the inefficiency that is common in the average medical practice, our mission is to ensure that you have more time for your patients as well as you and your family.

How it works?


We upload the information we receive from you (via fax, mails or emails) to our highly secure servers using the 128-bit encryption technology.( ) The information is then accessed by a dedicated staff assigned to you from our pool of experts. The staff works in a time zone that is different from ours in the Canada/USA so is able to work overnight on the information that you had provided to us before you left for the day. The staff is supervised for quality assurance and reports to managers who then review the works before the final output is uploaded back to our secured servers. By the time you come in the morning your work is completed and is delivered to you in the manner you choose

The Mintax Advantage

Provide timely and accurate data processing and reporting.

·         Cost a fraction of in-house staff costs.

·         Provide professionals access and organize financial information for professionals.

·         Virtual storage and retrieval of business and other documents.

·         Data remains secure and accessed only by authorized staff

·         We are available to serve you, with offices in Canada, USA and India/Pakistan

Mintax Bookkeeper:

Mintax Bookkeeper service is suitable for Medical Practices of any size wanting to outsource part or all of their bookkeeping function to us to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs. Our customer's gain 24/7 secure access to their accounts and financial records from the internet. Our clients either fax, scan-and-upload or email invoices, statements, and other information to Mintax for processing the information.

The Bookkeeper offers the following features:

·         Bank reconciliation

·         Payroll solutions

·         Transactional processing and financial record-keeping

·         Monthly, quarterly or annual reporting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, accounts payable and receivable aging reports)

·         Online 24/7 secure web access via our proprietary Mintax 24/7 workflow management system digital web portal

So simply fax, scan or email invoices, statements, and other information to Mintax for data entry.

Bank reconciliation and data entry:

·         Our skilled staff is trained to enter data from on line read-only banking access on a daily basis. Therefore our clients have their bank accounts updated and reconciled daily when there are numerous transactions every day, without having to employ a full time bookkeeper.

·         Monthly reconciliation is done when our staff does not have access to read-only banking access. In such cases bank is reconciled immediately upon receipt of bank statement.

Payroll accounting:

·         We work with the company's payroll service provider like ADP and others. We gather all the payroll information including computation of commissions and provide it to the payroll service provider every pay period for timely processing of the payrolls.

·         Once the payroll has been processed by the payroll service provider our skilled staff will enter the payroll information in the accounting records in a timely manner.

·         Our staff will then review the payroll records and checks to make sure that the information processed by the payroll service provider matches with the information that was provided to them.

Accounts receivable management:

Our staff provides the following support functions in the accounts receivable management: 

·         Daily Invoice data entry to reflect updated accounts receivable accurately

·         Mail/email customer invoices if required

·         Account receivable collection service by contacting the customers with overdue accounts over phone or by writing to them.

·         Payment posting for customer payments received.

·         Review the accounts receivable for ageing and identify long outstanding receivables and recommend reserves for doubtful accounts.

Accounts payable management:

Our analyst provides the following support functions in the accounts payable management:

·         Receive all bills for data entry and organize those in proper order

·         Enter all bills in the accounting system to reflect updated accounts payable daily

·         Credit card statement access and data entry of expenses daily to provide updated information on expenses.
If access is not provided data entry done on monthly basis.

·         Maintaining copies of the bills in digital format for ready access

·         Review and analysis of accounts payable ageing and cash flow planning for expenses

Talented Financial Team


The Mintax team is comprised of the finest trained financial professionals. Our experienced financial specialists have the support of a group of financial professionals with years of experience. 

After a detailed interview and testing process our people are hired and trained to carry out their duties under strict supervision. Our team of highly trained accountants has considerable hands-on experience and are supervised by managers who are conversant with the latest guidelines and pronouncements on like the US GAAP, IAS and SEC regulations.