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2013 T1 Client Tax Questionnaire


1. Name
First: Last: Initial:
2. Is this your first return?
Yes: No:
3. Name changed since last return?
Yes: No:
4. SIN
5. Date of Birth (YY/MM/DD):
6. Have you changed address since your last return?  
7. New address
(if you answered “Y” above or it’s not the same as shown on information slips)
Care of    
City Prov
Postal Code    
8. Phone
Home: Work: Ext :
9. Province (Territory) of residence on Dec 31, 2013:
10. Province (Territory) where you currently reside if it is not the same as above:
11. If you were self employed in 2013, enter Province (Territory) of self employment:
12. If you became or ceased to be a resident of Canada in 2013, give the date of
Entry (month-day) : or, Departure (month-day):
13. Marital Status on Dec 31, 2013:
Married Common-law Widowed Divorced Separated Single
14. Did your marital status change in 2013?
If YES, what was it previously?
Date of change (month/day):
15. If married or common-law, please provide partner’s information:
Name First: Last: Initial:
Date of Birth (YY/MM/DD)

Is your spouse or partner non-resident?

16. Do you wish to create a linked spousal return (if your spouse’s taxing province is ON)?
17. If NO, please provide the following details about your spouse’s return
His/her net income for 2013 (Line 236):
UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit) on his/her return:
Amount of UCCB repayment (line 213):
RDSP amount (Registered Disability Savings Plan) on his/her return (line 125):
Amount of RDSP repayment (line 232:
18. If this return is for a deceased person, please provide date of death (YY/MM/DD):
19. Is this return for a pre-bankruptcy return?
Date of bankruptcy: (YY/MM/DD):
Amount of income after bankruptcy:
20. Language of correspondence
English François
21. Are you applying for the GST/HST credit?
22. Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in 2013 with a total cost of more than CA$100,000?
23. Are you a Canadian citizen?
If YES, do you authorize CRA to give your name, address, date of birth and citizenship to Elections Canada for the National Register of Electors?
24. Do you have RRSP contribution receipts dated before March 1?
25. Did you make quarterly income tax instalment prepayments in 2013? If YES, how much?
26. Do you qualify for any of the following tax credits? You must have receipts.
(Mark all that apply)

Medical Tax Credits and Disability Tax Credit (completed CRA form T2201)

First-Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit (FTHBTC)

Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP / RRSP)
Public Transit Amount (transit pass)
Children’s Fitness Tax amount

Children’s Art Tax amount

Moving Expenses

Tuition, Education and Textbooks amounts (must have form T2202A from the school)

Employment Expense Dedication (must have completed form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment)

27. Do you have children under 18 years of age (at Dec 31) living with you? If YES, please provide details, including SIN, if applicable.
28. Did you support any relative over the age of 18 during the year, who was disabled and wholly or partially dependant on you? If YES, please provide complete details, including SIN, if applicable.
29. Did you dispose of any shares, bonds, mutual funds, trust units or other investments? (not RRSP/RRIF)
30. Did you pay any medical insurance premiums other than MSP (i.e. extended health, dental or travel)?
31. Foreign Pensions: Do you have income from foreign pensions? If YES, which country?
32. Pension Split: If advantageous, do you authorize us to split your pension / RRIF with your spouse?
33. Do we have on file or did you bring your CRA T1 Notice of Assessment from 2012?
34. Do you authorize us to exchange information with CRA and/or use our office as mailing address? (signature required: CRA forms T183, T1013, RC59, T1132)

My signature on the Tax Return or the T183 confirms that the terms, nature and scope of the engagement has been met, and further, that to the best of my knowledge, all the information disclosed in the Tax Return is complete and accurate. I authorize you to e-file my T1 Income Tax return.

Name Signature Date

2013 T1 Client Tax Questionnaire

Each individual must complete this form, if more room is needed, please use the back of the form


2013 T1 Questionnaire


Income Slips

RC62 Universal child care benefit statement
T3 Statement of trust income, allocation and designation
T4 Statement of remuneration paid
T4A Statement of pensions, retirement, annuity and other income
T4E Statement of employment insurance and other benefits
T4F Statement of fishing income
T4RSP Statement of RRSP income
T4RIF Statement of income from a registered retirement income fund
T4PS Statement of employee profit sharing plan
T4A(OAS) Statement of old age security pension
T4A(P) Statement of Canadian pension plan benefits
T5 Statement of investment income (includes bank interest)
T5007 Statement of benefits
T5008 Statement of securities transactions
T5013 Statement of partnership income
Foreign pension amounts
Other income with no slips (example tips, Elections Canada or ON employment)
Common deductions:
Charitable donations
Childcare expenses
Child fitness expenses
Child arts expenses
Political contributions
Moving expenses
Medical expenses